A beachfront cottage in Gettysburg, you say? Could be.

An ice island twice the size of Manhattan, NYC, visible exiting Nares Strait, broke off Greenland's Peterman Glacier in July 2012, then began fragmenting to become sea waterA lot of young hardbodies are going to be very happy in, say, 200 or so years. Several bits of information crossed my desk in the past few days, among them a new scientific report saying ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica, melting faster than was projected just 5 years ago, contain enough ice to raise sea levels 25 feet in a couple centuries – enough to move beach front property inland as much as 50 miles.

The good news is I will be able, on a calm moonlit night, to paddle the family canoe to the Rusty Scupper, a really nice restaurant on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, where, at a table near the piano, I proposed to my wife.

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